Exciting news everyone. I am opening my garden through the National Gardens Scheme for charity on Friday 2 May in the evening 5.30-8pm, with wine and nibbles, and on Sunday 4 May in the afternoon from 2-6pm for tea and cakes. I do hope you can make it. Check out the website for more details: http://www.ngs.org.uk/gardens/find-a-garden/search-results.aspx?search=type:advanced-pc:al5+1ej-d:1-dr:4


Make a beautiful border workshop





Spring pebble garden_ZiaAllaway_lowres0606-3


Helleborus Pennys Pink_low_Zia Allaway_0017_2


Shady border and hidden shed low Zia Allaway_7862

Tulip Design Impression_low_Zia Allaway_7428